Monday, March 4, 2013

Real Life Monday

Hi friends! The past week has been full of work, family, more work, a fun video shoot, and balancing it all with a lazy-as-can-be Sunday.

We have grown quite addicted to sitting around the fire on cold winter days doing nothing.  Sometimes writing. Sometimes reading a book. But mostly, just doing nothing. It's the best.

This is what my little guys spends 90% of his days doing. It's all about trucks right now.

And this is so funny, because it is SO typical of my day. Surrounded by paint and holding a sleepy little girl. She falls asleep on my lap while I'm working almost every morning. And I love it. The best part about my job is that I can stay at home with the littles while I work.

And we had a video shoot in the studio and house on Saturday. More details to come!

And did you notice the sign I was painting in the photos above? Well, it's available in the shop this morning.

It's made from an antique barn door with the original handle and original paint, which is awesome. You can purchase the sign here.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


  1. I live on a acreage. Redoing our barn doors. I have three old ones to use. Beautiful ideas.

  2. I couldn't find where to purchase even though it said"click here"

  3. what is the size of this?

  4. It's beautiful!!!! I want one.... Have a God filled day. Blessing to you and your beautiful family!!!

  5. Beautiful I love to work with wood do you use a filler before painting or work on raw wood'

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