Monday, April 8, 2013

Hello, my name is Aimee

and I'm addicted to scarves.

I just LOVE 'em. Don't you?

I'm always on the cold side, so wearing a scarf is like wearing a blanket around my neck.

Don't you just love this chevron patterned one? Rhonda from CarterJade sent me one to review and I've worn it so often. It is soft and comfy and I don't want to take it off. Did I mention it feels like a blanket around my neck? LOVE that.

You can find Rhonda's Etsy shop here. Her scarves are really affordable and well-made. And they add a fun pop of color to an outfit.

Here are a few more that she offers...

Happy Monday, friends!

dress: kohl's  cardigan: h&m  belt: forever21


  1. Pretty! I always wear scarves too. Like even at home!

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  3. Super cute! I'm the same way about scarfs and being cold!

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I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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