Monday, November 26, 2007

Here comes Christmas!

I haven't done a stitch of Christmast decorating yet, but these pictures by our friend Martha are inspiring me!
I typically start my decorating right after Thanksgiving, but right now I'm in the full swing of redoing my bedroom (painting, rearranging furniture, etc.). So my Christmas trees, ornaments, and wreaths will have to wait a few more days.
I think the color palette this year will be red, silver, and sparkle! (is that a color?)
Can't wait to get started!


  1. Sounds great to me! I need to get a move on myself. Right now I am trying to hang my swags on a stair railing. It is a start! :-)

    Happy decorating!


  2. red, silver & sparkle (yes, i offically declare it a color!) those are the colors i've decorated with for christmas this year. i use to do blue, silver & sparkle, but with our new house i wanted to warm it up a bit and red seemed to do the trick. have fun with your bedroom and with the christmas decorating. i'm sure your house will be stunning! you have the touch.

  3. I understand, I can't get out of my messy bathroom to think about what I will do for Christmas, I will have to glitter some balls for sure, I love Martha's fine glitters.
    I need to get that bathroom complete asap.

  4. I love red, white, silver and sparkle!! Those are my Christmas colors every year! Too bad my dining room STILL isn't done and all the "stuff" is sitting where the tree should go! Not to mention the fall wreath on the front door and 5 pumpkins on the front steps!! I really need to get started with the holiday cheer! Time to listen to some Christmas music!!

  5. I love that last picture, with the sea green walls and red accents! I think I've just found good inspiration for my office redo. That I probably wont get around to until next spring. :)

  6. yes, i'm full on into the Christmas decorating, much to husband chagrin!! He doesn't like "change" all that much and I'm CONSTANTLY changing something around here....he's like "where did you put the clock now???" Happy days to you!!


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