Friday, November 30, 2007

A little bit of Christmas

I've been having a good time getting out my Christmas decorations and going to town with them! Here is a little bit of what I've been up to...

These are snow balls I made with paper mache and glitter...

The fireplace mantle...

I hung snowflake ornaments from the curtain rod in the dining room...
The centerpiece on the table is a trifle bowl filled with ornaments...

This is a little dresser in the foyer that was my hub's great-grandparents'. I repainted it white and distressed it a few years ago...

Ornaments in an urn that I found at a yard sale this summer...

Hubs made this built-in bookcase for me earlier this year. It used to be a doorway that we now have blocked off...

Now I just need to work on the outside of my house! Enjoy your Christmas preparations!


  1. Your home looks beautiful, Aimee! Hmmm...where have I seen that trifle bowl? :o)

  2. the trifle bowl with the ornaments is a great idea....i did a similar thing with a candy dish. i put pine cones (dusted in white) in the candy dish, instead of the candy. it's fun to get creative. i love the holidays. you're home looks amazing.
    happy decorating.

  3. ps - also like the new picture at the top of your page....great for the holiday...maybe i'll steal your idea for my blog.

  4. Oh I am in love with those snow balls, just love them, I must make some too.Lots of great ideas.

  5. Things are looking so pretty around there! We got our tree last night and are just about to start decorating. And the happiest thing of all? It is SNOWING! Oh happy day to decorate...

  6. everything looks so cozy. love the ornaments in the urn!

  7. Your home is looking so pretty all decorated...and those snowballs? Well, I have a THING for snowballs and snowflakes!! Beautiful!


  8. The snowflakes in the window are so cute. And I LOVE the blocked off doorway that became a bookshelf. How innovative!


I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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