Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Is My Domestic Side Showing??

I decided it would be really handy to have some canned chili soup on hand, so that's what I worked on today.

I never canned much before (except for my fabulous homemade grape juice!), so I gave it a try and the chili seemed to turn out ok.

Lots of mess, but, oh so worth it!


  1. sounds oh-so-delicious!

  2. YUUUUMMM! I guess I never thought of canning chili! Great job!

    Any recipe(s) to share? :) :)

  3. Question - and this may be a silly one - is there anything "special" you have to do when "canning" it? Like I did the same thing a little bit ago but just put mine in plastic containers....is canning better? Is there any difference? Just curious...thank you (looks yummy and reminded me that I have some in the freezer!)

  4. To anonymous - I decided to can instead of freeze the chili because then when I go to use it, I don't need to defrost it. I think it tastes the same either way.


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