Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Mantle (or is it mantel??) and Fun Finds

Hi chickies! Life has been busy lately, but the fun sort of busy. Know what I mean? I've been playing in the flower beds, planting all sorts of pretty things. Our weather has just been beautiful and we are taking full advantage of the nice days!

So, I thought I'd let you know what my mantel looks like nowadays. I wanted to keep it fresh and simple for spring...

The French sign is inspired by this post. I had an old piece of wood that I painted white, and traced the lettering onto the wood. Then filled it in with a black marker. I like how it turned out. Easy peasy!

Now onto my recent yard sale finds...

Hubs saw these lamps and said "WHAT?". He just doesn't see the potential, but I think they are just so cool, funky and retro! I do need to change the shades because they are damaged, but for $1 each, how can you turn these down??

I bought this old green suitcase and thought it would look great by the front door. It holds gloves, scarves, and wintery things. I loved the color and shape!

Here is a wooden Coke bottle box and an old thermos that I set on the porch...

I LOVED this glass milk jug holder! And the lady at the yard sale GAVE it to me! Whoopee! I thought I'd use the bottles as vases for my tulips.

Found a whole stack of Country Living, Southern Living, and Travel & Leisure mags. I'm spending my evenings reading and getting inspired!

And, finally, I bought a stack of old photos, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them. Just thought they were too irresistible to pass up. Any ideas?

Hope the weather is beautiful wherever you are too!


  1. What great finds! I love the milk jugs! So cute!

    Glad you're enjoying some beautiful weather!


  2. I already told one of my clients that i would be painting her mantle chocolate...she already has the white brick. She can't wait. Of course the inspiration was from your first post. ilove it. Great finds!

  3. All great stuff! I absolutely love the glass milk jug holder!


  4. I love it all! You know that wooden coke bottle holder? I use mine to put our flip flops in during the summer months. I place it in our entry and the sandals are at the ready!!

    I still plan on doing a post about refreshing fireplaces. I look forward to showing off your beautiful fireplace makeover!!

  5. Great finds! They look so familiar! You should go yard saling with me more often :)

  6. I love the lamps , those shades are gorgeous, gorgeous.

  7. Ok, I'm pea-green with envy over that milk jug holder! FREE! Wow, you are super lucky! :)

  8. I love the lamps! My dear hubs came home with something similar...and we now have them in our formal living room...just added new shades.

    Great finds! For the old photos they might make great display pieces to use in vignettes around your house or curio cabinets...with othe antiques?

    Just a thought :-)

  9. Your husband is crazy. It would have been SINFUL for you to pass up those $1 lamps.

    (My husband would have told me the same thing.)


I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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