Thursday, May 1, 2008


For some reason I've been pretty uninspired to post anything in the past few weeks, so I thought I'd just be random today.

Hope you don't mind. I'm afraid it won't be very entertaining!

We have a cute robin's nest on our front door wreath right now - true robin's egg blue!

I found these cute mugs at Pottery Barn Outlet and wanted to display them somehow, so I got this cheap bar and hook set from Ikea that hubs hung on the kitchen backsplash. I think it works.

Um, since we are in the kitchen, here is our nutritious gourmet dinner. Don't judge me by my cooking skills. Dude, I got plenty of other skills. Chill.

And here is my pitiful little herb garden. Don't you just love the one little rosemary sprout?

I've been working on our little side porch this week.

Added a little interest to this chair.

And here is a box of day lilies (compliments of my buddy Jodi) that I need to plant.

Happy day!


  1. Dude? Chill? Aimee? Ok, who is writing on Aimee's blog?

    But I love the mugs...I have the same thing from Ikea...oh how I miss it!

  2. Loved the little peeks into your home! It all looks great, especially fond of that side porch and I love your mantle display too!

    Happy May Day!


  3. I love the number on the chair , I have wanted to do that to my dining chairs, is it a rub on??

  4. Chris - I printed out the number on paper, then traced it onto the chair. A rub-on would work great too!


I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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