Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Couple Updates

Ok, ok, so I've been a bad blogger lately! Please bear with me.

It's because of a combination of busyness and just simply not having very much to say! But I'll try to do better, I promise.

My little love's birthday was on Monday! She turned 2 and we had a little party with some family...

She was BEAMING when she saw her new dolly!

Taking it all in...

So cute!

+ + + +

Um, yes, this is our current back yard. Doesn't it look lovely? After the rainy weekend, it is now a mud field. This is hubs pushing the dirt around and absolutely LOVING every minute! He said that he found himself a new career. I promptly brought him back to reality.

My peeps after a long day - they are the BEST.

Oh, I must give a shout-out to my favorite blog stalker Sharon who I met last week! It was nice meeting you and for heaven's sake, leave a comment sometime! :)


  1. Avery is sooo big...definitely a little girl now! I think her and Anna & Libby will have heaps of fun together!

  2. how was the blogger's brunch?? I was SO SAD to miss it! But Kara told me where you lived so last night, (on my way to the Academy in New Holland, just down the road from you), I went by your house just to see it! IT IS PRECIOUS!! It just has "you" written all over it! I would love to see you again! How about a lunch in June w/ the ladies?

  3. the cake for avery is so cute. i'm already thinking of birthday ideas for maddie. where did you get that cake. looks adorable. please tell me you didn't make it. i did ladybug cupcakes for madelyn's birthday last year and that was a project.
    thanks for the lovely brunch. i think janelle is going to try to reschedule something.

  4. Ha...Oh, I love the mudfield. ;)

    I'm glad Avery had a great birthday...she amazes me by how much she changes every time I see her in person, and I'm glad she and Danae play so well together!

    Thanks again for was delicious and fun to catch up!

  5. Finally you ar back! I have been checking the blog with no updates for a while now!!!

    So much fun with cakes and baby dolls .... and I guess mud is fun too!! Happy Birthday to little Avery Belle!!

  6. I'm glad she liked it...I could see her out with you planting flowers!


I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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