Friday, December 5, 2008

My Girl

Last weekend we took some shots of Avery at a nearby park for our Christmas card...

Oh, and we just got our new camera! It's a cute little thing!

Canon Powershot SD1100


  1. She looks super cute!! And all that hair...Libby has like 1/4 of that! It is the Obenchain curse I've heard. And I've decided to "accidentally" drive over our camera so we can get a new one.

  2. you will love this camera. it takes excellent videos as well and stays charged for a long time. there are some fun settings too, have fun exploring....
    and Avery is a DOLL!!!

  3. did you ever pick your favorite picture?

    I feel like I haven't seen you much but I just saw you last does that work?

  4. Avery is so photogenic! Beautiful!
    And thanks for the card...we love it! :) Yours was our first Christmas card of the season. Congrats! ;o)


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