Friday, June 26, 2009

10 Years Ago Today

We said "I Do"!

And we were so utterly clueless about how challenging and how totally rewarding this thing called marriage would be!

We've been together since we were teenagers (I was 16 - he was 18), we worked together for 7 years of our marriage, we traveled to other countries, we struggled through trying to have a baby for a year and two miscarriages, we experienced the joy of having two healthy babies, and through it all, this man has made it abundantly clear that he loves me no matter what!

Even when I'm hormonal and irrational and tired and short-tempered, he still chooses to treat me with kindness and love. I am so blessed.

Love is a choice and, although it hasn't always been easy (not by a long shot!), it has always, always, always been worth it!


  1. You two are awesome!

    Have a happy anniversary day!

    (PS - So glad it was remembered this year...whew!) ;o) j/k

  2. God Bless both of you (and your wee ones too) and Happy Anniversary

    We are 10 years this Sept~ 1999 was the year!!

  3. Wow! Congrats to you too! I enjoyed reading your blog. Hope to work with you someday!

  4. I always forget that Natalie was born the same year you got married. I was rather round at your wedding!! Congrats for reaching the 10 year mark & I hope the next 10 will be even sweeter years together!! We love you guys tons!!


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