Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Day At The Beach

We are spending the long weekend at the beach with my parents and my brothers and their families. Did I mention we are loving every minute?

Jack immediately got busy getting as dirty as a two-year-old boy can possibly get. I think his daddy had as much fun as he did. Oh, how I love that boy!

It was a glorious day! Perfect temps but the water was COLD!!

Avery (right) with her BFF and cousin Libby...

And, ending the day with drippy, delicious ice cream cones! Yes, please!

Cousins: Anna, Avery, & Libby

Hope you are enjoying your weekend too!

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  1. My God, what a beauty! You had a great day, thank you for sharing a piece of their happiness and joy. But do not forget about the children's safety. Always take a children's beach chaise longue When they get tired, it's very handy.


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