Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Beach Pictures (I just can't help myself)

We had such a great time over the weekend at my parents' beach house! It was a great way to celebrate my birthday, which was on Memorial Day (32 years old - oy, that sounds old).

My parents' house is in a fishing community close to Rehobeth Beach, Delaware and the views of the bay are beautiful.

Going for walks on the dock and making memories...

Miss Violet looking serious and pudgy...

Jack loves his baby sister!

And here's a sign I made for my dad as an early Father's Day gift.

I got the idea for it when I saw a pile of old wood laying outside from a project that hubs was working on. I used a rope to hold the pieces of wood together and then painted the names of nearby beaches and towns.

I had leftover wood from the project, so I have this sign also available in my Etsy shop. It can be customized with wording that you choose.

Here's to the start of a fantastic summer!!


  1. When I was 32, I felt kinda old. You were about Jack's age then. Now that I'm going on 63, truth is I feel a lot younger--don't know why.

  2. I'm a year older, but we share birthdays and I got a trip to the beach as well! Newport Beach in California! Happy Birthday! Love your pics!

  3. Love the sign! Very nice gift idea and perfect for a beach house!
    You and I are the same age, although my birthday isn't until August. A lot of my close friends are a few years older than me, which I think helps me not to feel old.
    Looks like you had a great time celebrating at the beach. Happy Birthday! :)

  4. *Rehoboth* Beach

  5. from a local, you spelled RehobOth wrong.

  6. Do you still have your beach signs for sale? I'd love to buy one, but am unsure how to get to your etsey site. I've never gone there!

  7. I just found your blog. I love it, and I love your artwork! Funny that I stumbled across this post, we just returned from our vacation in Dewey Beach/Rehoboth. Had never been, and we enjoyed it so much. It's not commercialized like Ocean City or Myrtle Beach. My husband wants to go again since it was cold and we couldn't go to the beach. I would so love to have a beach house there, but it's waaay out of our price range.

  8. Love the sign, but as others have pointed out Rehoboth is spelled incorrectly.

  9. You have captured some beautiful photos! And I love the detailed guide you’ve drawn up. Beach travel has always been on my list but after reading your post.


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