Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Around the House

I'm feeling like I'm in a bit of a creativity rut right now, mostly due to my frenzied cleaning and the mountains of laundry I've been washing the past few days. Plus potty training a certain little blonde-haired boy who keeps peeing right through his undies (it's not going well).

So I thought I'd just share some photos from around the house.

My summer mantle...I'm working on a painting that I think I'm going to put over the mantle - so excited to see how it turns out.

I found this lamp at Goodwill and just loved the shape of it. The shade is from Target.

I hung a bunch of old mirrors and picture frames up the staircase. I'm a little obsessed with mirrors right now.

I love this window seat in the kitchen. It's where the kids and guests hang out while I'm getting dinner ready, and there is loads of storage in the drawers below. I made the striped pillow from an Ikea rug.

This is the office/playroom. It's always a work-in-progress. I want it to be a fun space for the kids to play and be creative. They spend a lot of time in here. I hung an old ladder from the ceiling and have tissue paper pom poms hanging from it.

Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. OH my goodness, I love the pics!! Love your style of decorating.

  2. I have major house envy right now! You have such a beautiful house and great decorating style!

  3. I love your style! Beautiful!!

  4. Oh wow, I would love to see more pictures of your house! It is beautiful.

    I especially like the old mirror on the wall and seeing the plates over the door reflected in it. So pretty!

    I would also love to see more pictures of the playroom/office. Love it.

    Love the summer mantle as well. I need to study it because I have trouble figuring out what to put on mine. :) I tend to be very symmetrical and it looks awkward.

    One last thing, thank you for emailing me the font and where I can download it. I appreciate it!

  5. I love your decorating style! You have really nice photos. I live in PA too! Feel free to visit my blog at

  6. your house is beautiful! you know what beauty is, and you know how to attain it. it looks inviting a cozy, not modern and uncozy.

    you have me really do you hang a ladder from the ceiling? what kind of hooks or what kind of ceiling holds such a heavy item?

    also, do you have any tips on hanging curtain rods on drywall? I would like to get my panels to hang outside of the windows more to let more light in.

  7. Lori ~ To hang the ladder from the ceiling, my husband screwed some hooks into the ceiling. The ceiling is made from wood planks, so it holds the ladder securely. I used the type of hooks you use for hanging planters from a ceiling. I don't really have tips for hanging curtain rods on drywall, since my hubs does all that for me! I do know that he typically drills anchors into the drywall so that the screws are secure. ~Aimee

  8. it is inspiring, what you have done with your home! I have almost the same exact window seat, Hubs' built it for me when we remodelled the house 12 years ago; same drawers too!

  9. Ok. LOVE your home- now im inspired to do some differ. things with my home..
    Thank You For Great Inspiration


I love hearing from you! Thanks for your comments! ~Aimee


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